amputations of lower legs and prothesis

Your physician, physical therapist, occupational therapist, and prosthetist are those who are here to help you become a successful wearer of a prosthetic device, but it it ultimately up to you to take charge of your care and your life as an amputee. leg-amputation-types. Levels of lower extremity amputations: Hemipelvectomy
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Lower extremity amputations are significant life altering events. Without prosthetic intervention, many amputees find their quality of life is drastically impaired. Providing an amputee with a prosthetic leg allows them to return to walking and immediately improves their quality of life. After training and learning how to use their
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Advances in medical technology and prosthetics have helped many patients return to a relatively pain-free and active lifestyle after amputation surgery. .... While those suffering from severe pain or traumatic injury in their lower leg may opt for below knee amputation surgery, there are some people who do not qualify.
Lower limb, or leg, amputations can be divided into two broad categories - minor amputations and major amputations, Minor amputations generally refers to the amputation of digits. Major amputations are commonly referred to as below-knee amputation, above-knee amputation and so forth. To avoid ambiguity the correct
the rehabilitation team and the leg amputee targeted at the restoration of safer and more stable prosthetic ambu- lation. The course of rehabilitation of amputees may be divided into several subsequent stages, as follows: 1) the preoperative stage; 2) the postoperative stage; 3) the pre- prosthetic stage; 4) the prosthetic stage
PREPARATORY PROSTHESIS. This is the first prosthesis a new amputee receives. The goal is to provide a light stable design, which acts as your training leg. This device is typically worn for the first 4-6 months until the time when your residual limb has become stable in volume. This prosthesis typically does not have a
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Rick with lower limb prosthesis playing basketball with his children. After amputation, you want a prosthetic leg system that allows you to resume the activities that are important to you as an individual. The more active you want to be, the more attention you should give to suspension, the method of connecting a prosthesis to

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